2020 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

1. Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

2. Mini Cologne Set – Great gift idea for a guy to try out different cologne scents

3. Charging Station – Love the idea of this all in one charging station

4. BBW Candle – Perfect candle for a guy because it has a little more of a masculine scent to it

5. Jack Black Skincare Set – A great way for a guy to try out various kinds of skin care

6. Neck Massager – I put this on my gift guide every year and for good reason! I’ve been giving them as gifts every year to various people and they’ve been a big hit

7. Battery Powered Hand Warmer– Great for any guy who works outside in the cold

8. PJ Pants – Cuddle Dud anything is a hit, but these pj pants for men are extra soft and comfy

9. Ugg Moccasins – My dad literally lives in these 24/7

10. Stress Relief Body Cream – This is a great unisex scent, but Chris absolutely loves it

11. Yeti Mug

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