Target Decor Fall Inspiration

I know summer isn’t officially over, but the weather is getting chillier and as a lover of the fall season, I’m already there. This year has already been weird and depressing enough, let us have our fall! I’ve honestly already had my Halloween/fall decorations up for a few weeks now (you might say I was eager). I’ve noticed this year that Target has been killing it with the fall home decor thus far and felt inspired to share some of my favorites. So grab your pumpkin spice lattes, get cozy under a chunky throw and shop with me!
  1. Pumpkin everything I mean, pumpkin everything is a fall essential so naturally being the extra person I am, I was drawn to the one with a little glam to it
  2. Baskets galore I don’t know what it is about baskets that I go crazy for. I find that they are great for multiple purposes- decoration and storage. I have a few around my house that I use for both. Throw all those blankets in one for a nice cozy look!
  3. Blankets…blankets everywhere! Much to my husband Chris’ dismay, I’m an avid blanket hoarder. Target’s new chunky throws really caught my eye this year and I absolutely love this burnt orange color!
  4. Adding texture with this beautifully designed bowl
  5. Coppery mugs for all the fall drinky drinks I absolutely love the look of these hammered copper mugs for those fall drinks!
  6. Throw pillows Along the same lines as the chunky throws, I’m also a throw pillow hoarder and I think these chunky knit pillows are absolutely beautiful.
  7. More pillows!
  8. Faux greenery
  9. Wooden accents I love the look of these wood accent trays for fall. Super cozy touch!


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