Products I’ve Been Using Lately

1. Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Volume 2 Eyeshadow Palette– So I’m a little late to try this out because it came out forever ago. With Covid and everything, I hadn’t been buying many new makeup products (especially eyeshadow palettes), but this particular one went on a great sale so I decided to pick it up finally. The original Jaclyn Hill palette is one of my favorites and definitely my most used for neutral eye looks. What I absolutely love about this volume 2 palette is that it has an amazing formula and beautiful colors. The pigment is incredible and long lasting especially for the price point. I love experimenting with color and this palette provides a great way to play around with some bold looks.

2. Olay Premium Body Wash with Vitamin B3 + Collagen– I picked this body wash up because I saw so many great reviews especially from a few bigger influencers and it definitely does not disappoint! It smells great, lathers even better and really gives a squeaky clean feel. Pus, I noticed that after using it for awhile, my skin felt a little firmer than normal.

3. Olay Premium Body Conditioner with Shea Butter– Along with the body wash, I tried using this body conditioner for after cleansing. The conditioning part acts like a moisturizer and it always leaves my skin feeling really soft. Sometimes I would get so caught up with moisturizing my face, that I wouldn’t really think about the rest of my body on a daily basis, but this conditioner makes it so easy. It’s just one extra step in the shower.

4. Kylie Skin Face Moisturizer– Speaking of face moisturizers, I’ve been trying out this one from Kylie Skin and I’ll say that it’s not my all time favorite, HOWEVER, I think it would be amazing to use come the winter time because it’s really thick which would be perfect for extra dry skin in cold weather.

5. Billie razor– I was a little skeptical of this because it’s a monthly subscription for razor heads essentially, but after hearing SO many people rave about it, I decided to get the starter pack. The price is actually pretty amazing because it only costs me $9 for the razor, a head and a bunch of sample packets to use with it. The razor is super cute and does a great job. Unlike alot of razors for women (that I’ve noticed at least) it has an extra blade which is really nice. I’m going to keep trying it out, but so far I think it’s definitely worth it!

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