Baby Prep: Hospital Bag & Nurse’s Baskets

| Blanket | Weekend/Diaper Bag | Makeup Bag | Packing Cubes |
Now that we’re officially at 38 weeks, the last minute baby prepping is REAL. When it came time to pack for the hospital, I had no clue what to bring. My instinct is always to overpack especially because our hospital has strict COVID guidelines and we’re basically confined to our room and can’t leave. I did SO much research and got advice from other mom’s I know, but of course if there’s anything else I miss in this post, let me know! A girl needs all the advice she can get.

Starting off, we plan on bringing three bags- mine, Chris’ and a snack/baby bag. Snacks are simply because we can’t leave the room and ya know…..we like to eat haha. I thought it would be easiest to pack things separate in packing cubes so everything is somewhat organized. All of my clothes are in one bag and baby’s clothes are in another so we can just bring two organizers and everything is together. I also have this AMAZING cosmetic bag for toiletries and smaller items and it’s so unbelievably helpful. It has little compartments for makeup and skincare and even a little brush case for travel. It also comes with a nice size mirror. I absolutely love it and think it’s worth the splurge!
| Robe | Pajama Pants | Postpartum PJ’s| Fuzzy Socks with Grips | Breast Pads | Name Necklace |
So for my bag, it’s all about the comfy stuff. I packed a robe in case it’s chilly in the hospital, a couple pairs of loose pajamas, an outfit to go home in and some socks with the grips on the bottom. For postpartum care (TMI) I packed re-usable breast pads, nipple butter, postpartum underwear, some pads and a loose bra. I know they give you almost everything else you need so I decided to stop there. For toiletries, I packed shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a razor (although I’m not sure how great I’ll feel afterwards). I have moisturizer, a lip mask/balm, my contact stuff, deodorant and makeup wipes. The other two items I plan on bringing are a blanket and this super cute name necklace that I had customized on Etsy.

Chris is still getting his stuff packed, but he’s in charge of all the electronics. We plan on bringing a camera, phone chargers, portable chargers and a long charging chord.
| Mauve Swaddle | Pom Pom Swaddle | Blanket | Fuzzy Suit | Onesie| Two-piece Outfit | Name Plate | Bows | Paci | Paci Clip |
For baby girl, I just packed a couple swaddles, a blanket, a coming home outfit, a onesie, some fuzzy socks, bows (in a few colors because I’m indecisive), a name plate and a pacifier. Since we don’t really know how big or small she’ll be, the outfits are in a couple different sizes.
Lastly, I saw a few other bloggers putting together hospital baskets for the nurses and doctors and I thought it was such a good idea and a great way to say thank you during these crazy times. What’s cute about these baskets is that you can customize them however you want. I stuck with individually packed snacks, sparkling water, wine (of course), fruit bars and packs of gum. I included a card as well.
If there is anything you think I missed, let me know. I tried to link as much as I could, but if you have any specific questions, just let me know in the comments below! You can also find me on Instagram @liz_kotula 🙂


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