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As a self proclaimed Amazon addict, I figured it’s been awhile since I shared some of my more recent go-to Amazon loves. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping in stores, but there is something about the one stop shop-ness about Amazon that I love and if you have Prime, it’s at your door in two days. You really can’t beat that. Wine + sweatpants + shopping = LOVE

Some of the things listed below are old favorites or things I purchase on the norm and some are new finds.

Tyler Diva Laundry Detergent– Don’t get me wrong, I usually use Tide or something similar, but after discovering the smell of this detergent, I can never wash my bedding in anything else. Yes, it’s ridiculously priced, but I make it last by only washing sheets, blankets, throws and the occasional towel. A little goes a very long way and it just smells so luxurious! It’s definitely not an essential per se, but this is the best smelling detergent ever and you won’t regret trying it. I usually get the smaller size and I make that bad boy LAST.

Ring Doorbell– This was unexpectedly handy. It’s a doorbell with a camera and it notifies you when someone is near your door (for security reasons). We got it after a string of break ins near our house (and let’s be honest, the amount of online orders coming in) and it’s been really great. It puts the mind at ease a bit when you’re at work all day and can monitor the activity at your house.

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener– We recently moved from a condo to a house and we finally have a garage so my husband found this handy little smart garage opener that you can control on an app in your phone as opposed to leaving a garage door opener in your car.

Silicone Straws– We’ve really been trying to be more environmentally conscious the past couple of years and I found these fun silicone straws to replace plastic ones. They wash really easily in the dishwasher. We also use these metal ones as well!

RTIC Tumbler– We absolutely LOVE these cups. They come in a bunch of different sizes and colors and keep drinks cold for a super long time.

Packing cubes– These came in super handy when we went to Ireland last fall. As someone who tries to be as organized as possible, I really appreciated having my clothes organized with these cubes which fit very nicely in my suitcase. I’m thinking these would also be useful if you have kids and have to combine luggage.

Travel electronic organizer– This was another super handy thing to have while traveling. It’s a nice little bag to store random electronics, headphones and devices all in one place so you don’t have cords everywhere.

Reusable grocery bags– Back on the eco-friendly train, we started bringing our own reusable bags to the grocery stores or out shopping. These are really nice and sturdy and they fold up really small. I always forgot to bring them out to the car so I decided to just leave them in there for shopping trips. Not to sound too preachy, but I just think this is an amazing way to be more eco-friendly. Plus it’s super easy and some stores will even give you a little discount for bringing your own bags.

Clear drawer organizers– I love having these in my makeup vanity and bathroom drawers for organizing things.

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