Cozy Home Essentials

As someone who is a true homebody, I absolutely love making my house as comfortable and cozy as possible not only for myself, but for others as well. I put together a guide of things that I think are essentials to making your space comfortable and more inviting.

1. Blankets, pillows and more blankets- This one drives my husband crazy. I have a blanket buying addiction. I’ll go to the store and happen to stumble upon a blanket and if it’s soft, it goes straight into my cart. I’m always cold so you can usually find me surrounded by a mountain of blankets. But in all honesty, I usually have a ton of blankets in our living room so when we have friends over, everyone can have one when we watch movies or play games. I think it makes it a more cozy space for everyone. If you want a more pricey, but buttery soft blanket, I highly recommend anything by Barefoot Dreams. Otherwise, I usually get my blankets from Target or Homegoods and they are amazing as well.

2. Candles- I looove candles!!! They are, in my opinion, one of the coziest things in a home other than a fireplace (sadly we don’t have one). My all time favorite candles are from Bath and Body Works, but Yankee Candle is a close second. I’m not a big fan of citrus or floral scents so I usually go sweet or musky. Vanilla or pumpkin spice candles are my jam! My favorite candles are this and this from Bath and Body Works.

3. Books- As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bookworm and I have quite the collection of books in one of my bedrooms, but I also like collecting coffee table books. Not only are they pretty to look at, but I feel like they give homes a more personal touch. I get my coffee table books on Amazon because they are less expensive. My most recent one is called The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme and it’s adorable! It has a bunch of great ideas for recipes and crafts and fun outings.

4. Plush throw rugs- Even though my living room is carpeted, when we moved in I purchased this rug to give the room a little extra touch. I know people get weary about purchasing thick, shag rugs because they can be a pain to clean, but we have had ours for a little over two years and I still love it! It’s thick and soft and it really warms up our space. I’m also a huge fan of those plushy, microfiber bath mats. I have this one for our bathroom and it’s really nice because despite being washed hundreds of times, it’s still very soft and durable.

5. Coffee/Tea Station + Coffee mugs- Another thing that drives my husband crazy is my coffee mug buying obsession. I’m a sucker for cute mugs! I love love love tea and coffee. I need a cup every morning before doing anything else (not a morning person at all). We have a smaller kitchen, but one thing we did was designate one part of the counter as a little coffee and tea station. We have our Keurig, cannisters for tea, a carousel for the k-cups and a little sugar bowl. I try to purchase a few different kinds of coffee and tea with different flavors for when we have friends and family over so there is variety.

6. Pictures- One of my favorite home projects was creating a gallery wall. I saw a ton of ideas on Pinterest and created a whole design. I think it makes a huge difference having pictures around the house. We have them sprinkled all over with pictures of us, our dogs, family and friends. I purchased my gallery wall frames on Amazon. The rest of my picture frames are purchased from Homegoods. They have alot of cute and unique styles.

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