Sporty On-the-Go Look

Outfit Details

| Hoodie |Leggings (my new favorites!) |Gym Shoes (currently on sale) |

To be completely honest, this isn’t even my on-the-go look, it’s my every day look for the most part. I’m all about the comfort these days. Leggings and a comfy pair of gym shoes are my jam. I raved about these leggings in another post, but I feel the need to share them again because they are my new favorites. They’re extremely comfortable and soft and stretchy. I’m obsessed! These gym shoes are a newer purchase. I absolutely love my Adidas Superstar gym shoes and I actually went to the store to get another pair of those in a different color, but these caught my eye instead. I’ve always owned and worn traditional converse sneakers, but I’ve never worn their other shoes. I thought these were really cute and unique with that pop of red. I tried them on and OMG are they comfortable! It literally feels like I’m walking on pillows. Needless to say, I was sold. Oh and a bonus, they’re on sale for $29.99! What a steal!


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