My Carry-On Travel Essentials

With the holidays finally here, so is travel season. This is the most chaotic time of year with the endless shopping, traffic, crowds and drama that comes with Christmas planning. I’ve done my fair share of flying around holidays because my grandparents lived in Pennsylvania and we would fly out and see them most Christmas’. Flying so much the majority of my life made me a bit wiser about what I need and what I don’t need (Although I still struggle at times with being an over-packer). Today I’ll be sharing what my carry on essentials are and how they help me with flying.

1. Cozy blanket and socks- For so long I was against bringing these things on a plane because blankets are bulky and hard to carry on, plus planes are really gross and who wants to get the plane yuck on your blanket and socks? However, I took a long flight to London a few years ago knowing that I should probably try and sleep and I brought a blanket with me. It was life-changing. I’m not sure what it is about having a blanket from home with you, but it made the flight a 100% better because I feel like you can relax more. The same can be said for socks. It makes traveling a little better when you get on that freezing cold plane and can put on a pair of fluffy socks.

2. Ipad- If you absolutely hate flying then bringing an Ipad with you will save your life. Take advantage of a plane that has free WiFi and watch TV or download a movie from Netflix. I get really nervous for take-offs and landings and any turbulence, but I find that it doesn’t bother me as much if I’m watching something to keep my mind distracted.

3. Noise cancelling headphones- These are actually my husband Chris’ headphones that I steal once in awhile because of how effective and comfortable they are. They’re great to travel with if you feel like taking a nap or want to muffle the sound of screaming babies on the plane.

4. Moisturizer- My skin is very dry and travelling makes the dryness even worse. I’ll usually bring a travel size moisturizer on the plane with me and apply during the flight and it’s a real lifesaver. I recommend this, this and this moisturizer.

5. Chap stick- Another lifesaver is carrying chap stick on the plane with you to apply because of all the dryness from the air on the plane. I personally like Soft Lips the best because it’s very light and works the best for me. I want to love EOS because that packaging is adorable, but they just don’t work as well for me sadly.

6. A good book- Being the big bookworm that I am, I love carrying a book with me anywhere in general. I especially love reading on planes because it makes the time go by faster and distracts the mind from the horrors of flying. I’m currently reading this book by Rachel Hollis called Girl, Wash Your Face and it’s a really great book where she offers advice on living your own best life and how to gain confidence and setting goals. It’s a little different from the things I usually read, but I like it nonetheless.

7. MAC Fix +- I use this stuff almost every day for my makeup to either enhance eyeshadows or set my makeup. What makes it great for travel is that it’s also very hydrating. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on an airplane breathing in re-used air for hours. Fix + is a great way to kind of refresh yourself and get some hydration back to the skin. The one that is pictured above is a full size bottle which isn’t allowed on planes because of the size, but you can get a travel-friendly version here.

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