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Calling all dog parents out there! Since I have a nice little streak of favorite products going, I wanted to share some truly game changing products we have purchased for our pup, Evee. These things have made our lives a whole lot easier in many ways!

Dog Harness- We purchased this harness from Petsmart, but you can honestly find them everywhere. We like them better than the collars because when it comes to walking, Evee tends to pull a bit and we didn’t want her to choke herself. This harness in particular is nice because it’s made out of super durable material, but it’s also very soft.

De-shedder- Evee is a pomeranian which means she is basically a big fluffy cotton ball with legs. So because she has a TON of hair, she does shed quite a bit even though we brush her often. My husband, Chris, found out about this amazing brush that helps with shedding. It’s called the Furminator (I laughed at the name) and it’s REALLY helpful. You can buy it here.

Treat Ball- Since Evee is still a puppy, she has ALOT of energy. Most days she is running all over the place wanting to play. So if we are doing things or running errands we try to keep her busy. I found this amazing toy that she absolutely loves and it keeps her busy for awhile. It’s basically a toy ball that has holes in it and you can get small treats to put inside and the dogs roll it around to try and get them out. She definitely loves the challenge. I purchased ours here.

Crunchy ball- These things are amazing especially for puppies or dogs that love to chew! I’ve seen these all over, but I got ours from here. This is another toy ball made out of rubber, but it has crinkly plastic inside and it makes Evee go crazy. She’s obsessed with it.

Paw Protector Boots- This one is adorable and funny. We live in Chicago where it pretty much snows eight months of the year *sigh*. I never really thought about how to protect dogs from the cold especially because Evee is 10 pounds of fur. Our vet told us about how the snow and ice could damage dog’s paws even with the padding so I purchased these to help protect her paws when we take her out to go to the bathroom in the cold. As suspected, she’s not a huge fan of them, but they are easy to put on and take off because they have little draw strings.

Chew bone- This is probably the most durable and long lasting bone ever. It’s lasted two years since we got Evee and is still going strong. We bought this when she was really little and in her chewing phase. You can find it here.

What are some of your favorite pet products?


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