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The Amazon addiction is so real. I honestly try to buy everything on Amazon because it’s so easy and they have everything (plus that free two-day shipping isn’t too shabby). I tried to think of my top favorite items that I have purchased from Amazon or even things I continue to re-purchase. Some of these items I’ve loved so much that I’ve even given them as gifts to friends and family.

RTIC Tumbler– Similar to the YETI tumblers, but not as expensive. These are amazing! They are large, but can easily fit inside cup holders and they keep drinks cold and warm all day long. I have mine in the teal color and I absolutely love it. Even my husband wanted his own.

Cooling gel pillow-I got this as a gift for my father in law a few years ago and he fell in love with it. Last Christmas, I got another one for my husband since he’s always warm and he also loves sleeping with it.

Neck massager-This is another amazing gift idea! I purchased this for my dad and my husband (and secretly myself). It’s so relaxing and easy to use. The best part for me is how portable it is and it folds up nicely.

Necklace Display-I purchased this a couple years ago because I was looking for a nice sized display that would fit on my dresser that wasn’t too clunky. I saw sooo many different kinds everywhere, but decided on the white one. I think it looks very chic and boutique-ish and is a very good size.

Acrylic Organizers– I have purchased soo many of these for myself and friends. Acrylic organizers can be expensive depending on where you get them, but Amazon has such a large variety that aren’t too expensive. I have a few of them that hold my makeup and other skincare products. I even bought a lipstick holder which looks super cute and displays everything nicely.

Crest 3D Whitestrips– These are the best whitestrips I’ve ever used. They are super quick, powerful and long lasting. I highly recommend them!

Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Eyeliner-I purchased this eyeliner after seeing great reviews from Youtube, but couldn’t find any stores near my house that sold the brand. I fell in love with it for a few reasons, 1. The point is amazing and makes precise lines 2. It’s super long lasting and doesn’t budge 3. It’s very black and doesn’t bleed at all 4. That PRICE. I’d say it’s a pretty similar dupe to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, but half the price.

Honorable Mention: As much as I love book stores, Amazon always sells books alot cheaper so I tend to buy books from them.


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